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Usually use Merkur Progress w/Feather, trying Lord L6 for travel: Which Blade?

I've been using the Merkur Progress for the last 8 months, usually with the Feather blade, setting 2.5 (I have tried about 10 other blades: Astra, Derby, Voskhod, Big Ben, Shark, Lord... and really like the Feather the most). I hope to be traveling again soon, and bought a Lord L6 to test.

I used the Lord/Feather combo, and really felt the razor burn, no nicks or blood, though. I am wondering if I should choose a less aggressive blade with the Lord. Any thoughts on this?

I actually like the construction of the Lord, not up to the level of a Merkur but certainly better than disposable razors! I usually have about 5 shaving kits set up at all times: one large one for car or train trips, 2 medium size ones for the office and for the car, a small one for 1-2 day overnight flights, and a larger one for longer air trips. This is what works, as I can't stand either scrambling at the last minute to put things together, or arriving in a city and needing to take trips to the convenience store to get toiletries I don't like...
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I have the newer version of Lord L6, the S625-1, and for what I know my S625-1 is a bit more aggressive than the original L6.
My Lord S625-1 together with Lord Silver Star is amazing, a DFS in two passes and a wife approved BBS in three passes
Update: After the first shave (which did cause something of razor burn) using the Lord L6 and the Feather combination, the next four shaves went well: no razor burn, some slight tingling when using an alum bar, but no other ill effects. It might have been a question of proper technique (I hadn't used any other DE razors except the Progress, and that I have set at a low 2.5-3).

I will get a few more Lord L6s to keep in some of my shaving kits (as detailed above). Now, the quest is to find a 'generic' Simpson Wee Scot for travel (lots of inexpensive brushes, but I really want something Wee Scot size).
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