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Using other products as aftershave....... is it just me?

I am well aware that these products may, or may not, lack some of the skin conditioning ingredients that might be found in regular aftershave or aftershave balm but I that is of no concern to me, the point is that I enjoy using them in they way that I am. Do any other members use shaving or grooming products for a totally different purpose to that for which they are intended? Can you recommend any?

I have never given skin conditioning a thought. I began shaving in the 60s with electrics, then injectors. I always used an alcohol aftershave. For 35 years using a cart, I splashed on a something called Sea Breeze as an aftershave. Us and our kids also used it for cuts, bug bites, sunburn, and other skin irritations. Since switching to DE a dozen years ago, I still splash on an alcohol witch hazel before, or in lieu of, an alcohol based bay rum aftershave. My face needs alcohol after a shave. It ain't never going to look pretty with a conditioner.

Retired and drink too much gin every day. I have actually splashed on gin after shaving. I can say from experience, that if it ain't fit for drinking, it ain't fit for the face.
You guys are spending money on silly things...
All you need is WD-40. It has 1000 uses. If it can tame the most stubborn metals then it's good for your skin too.
There is also Windex:
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I use Boroline for nicks and cuts. It is like vaseline infused with some healing medicine. I found it effective.


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If my face feels super dry and if it's dry outside during winter, i sometimes use Nivea Q10 vitamin C day cream


Ask me about shaving naked!
Lavender water, rose water, orange blossom water work well. I’ve also used Santa Maria Novella Tobacco Toscano body milk, diluted with a bit of distilled water. Straight up, the SMN TT body milk is really a bit heavy, but dilute it in hand or decant a little into a container and add 20% distilled water. The scent is why you’d even bother.
Where I’m from, Aloe vera grows pretty much everywhere. Even on the sides of the roads. I cut a long piece off and use it. It’s free, it’s natural, and it’s pretty good. I don’t like to have a battle of the smells going on. A Battle Royal like in wrestling. Deodorant, cologne, soap, aftershave... All different smells going on. Aloe Vera doesn’t smell.
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