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using hard shaving pucks as shave sticks

So, I have quite a few hard shaving pucks in my shaving soap arsenal. What I was doing for the longest time was holding the shave puck in my left hand and using my brush on the right hand. It was messy. Some soap would fall through my hands wasting soap. I also had them in containers or tubs and that too would pose its own problems for me at least. The pucks would stick to the tubs and it was a pain to get them out to let them air dry. I like to have my soaps air dry after using them outside of the containers. Leaving the soaps inside the tubs/containers would sometimes make the soaps somewhat gooey too once you pulled them out the container they were in. In my case anyways. So, I tried recently using my hard shave soaps as a shave stick. Very good results, little to no soap wasted and the lather came out probably better than the usual hand lathering I did. The moral of the story is don't be scared to try new things that you might consider unorthodox. I just got sick of hand lathering my hard shave pucks because it was messy and wasted soap. Yeah, I got tons of soaps, but I don't like wasting soap if I don't have to. I already have a few shave sticks, but I don't like the way they feel on my face. I know it's weird. For some reason, using shave pucks is more comfortable to me than using shave sticks. I love the wider surface of the shave pucks.
I have done what you're doing, and it works quite well. I have found another way that I prefer, using an extra Tabac shave stick push-up container. Right now, it is filled with some Haslinger soap. This works fantastically well.

The Tabac stick has a much larger diameter than most. The label can be easily removed or replaced.


I have other shave sticks I have formed that will interchange in this same container. So, using just one stick container, and swapping sticks into it as needed.
Cheese grater meets puck = soap shavings pressed into a bowl. Problem solved and it beats slippery hands "dropping the puck" on the naked toe.
Lol thought I was the only want to try that! I did it with FINES FRESH VETIVER. But now they changed their formula, went to a crope, and up their prices to $25…. Smh 🤦🏼‍♂️
I use my hard soaps by holding the puck in my left hand and loading the brush.

As the puck starts getting worn down in the middle, I use the outer edge as a shave stick a few times just to even out the puck, to prevent getting a donut hole.
Not something that I generally do with hard soaps, but it works and I have tried it with a hard(ened) soap where badger and boar brushes were no longer able to create a rich lather within a reasonable time.
But then again, it had never occurred to me to hold the shaving soap in my hand during lathering and I use an assortment of apothecary mugs, glass jars, plastic containers, or soap manufacturer supplied containers.

I just can’t be bothered with the cheese grater method. If it requires that to make a shaving soap work, then the soap is by (my) definition flawed :thumbdown - plus it gives the next plate of pasta a soapy taste… :tongue_sm

I slice some shavings off my hard pucks with a potato peeler and press them into a lather bowl. Works great. Softer hard soaps like SC and MdC you can scrape with a spoon.
I used some Haslinger Sage soap that's been packed into a spare Tabac stick container this morning. I say don't knock it until you've tried it. It really works great!

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