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Using Hair Removal Cream To Shave?


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I noticed that their a few creams on the market specifically geared towards hair removal for men's shave. Some are referred to as razorless shaving cream. Have you tried it?
A quick glance at reviews make it sound like a real horrorshow to me. I'll be interested to read any member's experience for sure.


and what fun would that be anyway?👍😊💈
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No, never, not happening! @##$%! :cursing:

If that cream can dissolve hair, I can just imagine what it would do to my sensitive skin. It might work on my arm hair as the skin is not so sensitive, but it scares me to think what would happen with my face. Even some shave soaps feel someone poured gasoline on me.


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It's similar to Nair. It's for those that would rather over chemically traumatize their face than over mechanically traumatize their face. There is probably a sweet spot with both types of trauma, but I'm going to stick to mechanical trauma.
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