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Using Amazon reviews to judge "Mainstream" shaving soaps?

Amazon reviews are often not reliable - too many fake positives per press reports. They can be of use in two ways though:
  • Excessive negative reviews can be an indicator to avoid a product
  • Total number of reviews can be useful for creation of a "short list" to be evaluated by other information sources such as posts from fellow B&B members.
Amazon has a core merchandising issue in that it doesn't own the validation of assortment quality, authenticity and safety. This is an essential element provided by reputable brick and mortar retailers. How many times have B&B members posted regarding concerns around fake products procured from Amazon?
Never trust Amazon reviews for shaving soaps. While some reviews on Amazon are most certainly legit, most of them are not. Best reviews for shaving products, are going to be found here at B&B.
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