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Using a wood bowl, and making it last

Are there any tips or suggestions that I should be aware of using wood soap bowls? (Specifically the C&E one, at least for now). I usually load the brush off the soap, pretty dry, but ofcourse there is still a fair amount of water on the bowl, around the edges, and possibly under the puck inside the bowl. I try to let it airdry before putting the lid back on, but that doesn't always happen, and the inside is always dry by the time I use it again (either evaporates or absorbs I don't know). Is there anything I should do to make sure long term use of this wood with water will last? Or is the finish they put on it completely waterproof or something. Thanks
Most wooden bowls are treated. However, make sure you towel dry the exterior of the bowl. Air dry the soap before you put the lid on it. Enjoy.
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