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Using a water mister to improve your lather!

As a further commitment towards this method, I just bought a G20 GP scuttle. One thing about this method I didn't like was cold lather. I've been wanting to try a scuttle for years anyway, just needed a little push.
What I like to do in the winter months is take my ceramic bowl and with tap running on hot water just turn it upside down with soap inside and soak the heat into the ceramic bowl for a least 20 seconds and then start to make the lather. Making the lather first and then heating the bowl does not work very well from my experience when testing years ago.
The heat from the bowl raises the temperature of the lather nicely and when applying it gives a warm feeling. With the mister you could still heat the bowl and use warm water( some of fancy atomizers use a bladder & with hot water can damage the mister is my understanding) and try that method.
I take SOTD photo and I lose a a few minutes of time, but the lather is still warm usually and is a treat for my shave!
A scuttle would work better and give a person time to do other things while getting ready for your shave.
(This is a old archive photo I took years ago on the benefits of using porcelain or ceramic bowls, they retain heat longer than plastic bowls IMO.)
Shaving bowl 3 (2).jpg

Have some great shaves!
FWIW, I got my hands on a mister bottle. Haven't tried it on lather, yet, but it's great for my stones when honing.

The whole venture got me exploring the world of spray bottles, to see if there was another thing better than the 3M bottles I'd settled on. And yes, there is. There are actual very well-made spray bottles out there.

They are made by a company called Pressol. I doubt many will be surprised when I say that this company is in Germany. Even better, there is a guy who started a garage supplies business growing out of his OCD obsession with garage things, and he is SERIOUS about spray bottles.

If you doubt that, read this. It barely bothers to tout the product he's selling. Instead, it talks about how he hopes you will help him test it and give feedback and make improvements. Yes, he considers this sprayer a Beta product, a mere test bed for things to come.

I got a couple of them, and wow. As it comes, it fires a hard straight spray. But cranked down all the way, it does a nice mist. More water than the mister bottles, but a good amount, and you have good control. I like it a lot.

Do I like the Pressol sprayer or the mister better? Eh, I don't know. I'm experimenting. They're both pretty great in different ways.
I got this in the mail recently and thought it would be a good mister for making lather or hydrating the lather on the face sometimes. You pay for what you get as the old saying and this one is a little more $ but it sure mists nicely and it bumped up my lather generating yet another notch IMO. It produces a finer mist with good volume quickly, 2 squirts gives approximately 12 droplets squirted into a small funnel to gauge output of this mister.
When you pull the lever it will mist and as the lever goes back it will also mist on the return stroke. I have never seen or used a mister or atomizer of this quality and it has helped make great lather also. Reasonably priced IMO.
Atomizer sprayer!.jpg

Have some great shaves!
We do some pretty weird things in the search for a better shave - facial gurning, shimming razors, buying scuttles, using soaps that look like congealed vomit but have “great post-shave feel”. I will try most things but I absolutely draw the line at using a water mister. Traditional shaving ought to at least slightly seem like a manly pursuit. This just isn’t. Regardless of results it would utterly emasculate the shaving ritual for me. And if I cannot bear to look at myself in the mirror I cannot shave well.
I've found that, when I load up a brush to bowl lather, adding too much water, or even 'just the right' amount into the bowl all at once often results in a mediocre lather. Too much water dumped in all at once can cause the suds to collapse. I had to buy a 3 pack of mist sprayers for use buffing out my headlights, and use of one of the spares to mist in a little water at a time into my bowl. it makes a great improvement over just dribbling in a few drops of water.
After I started using my scuttle, using a mister while building the lather just seemed like a no brainer. After that I get to enjoy a nice warm lather throughout the whole shave. I guess I'm more into the gentlemanly way to approach shaving versus less refined methods. :pipe: Pass the Grey Poupon please.
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