using 2 razors ina shave. ( The Doubel Double Edge Shave)

Discussion in 'Shavetools' started by Sargon, Aug 21, 2011.

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    I picked up a user grade 40s ss at an antique shop last week, and it is pretty much the most perfect, amazing tool imaginable... for my atg pass. I have a pretty heavy beard, so it is not aggressive enough to do good reduction wtg and xtg passes, especially if I have more than a single day's growth. I may try a feather in it ( instead of a red IP that was on it's last decent shave), but I suspect that it's better for my final pass+cleanup than it is for my reduction passes.

    That is why I'm seriously considering using a slant or maybe my slim on a 6 or so for my wtg and xtg then switching to the 40s ss to finish. Has any one tried this sort of thing and liked it(I'm going to guess that both are a resounding yes for at least a few people.)? if so, how has it impacted blade life? Do you go through blades faster, slower, or about the same? Do you find that more care has to be taken to prevent blade corrosion from water/exposure? Do you use a different blade in each razor? (ie midler in the finishing razor vs the reduction razor, or vice versa)?
  2. Yep, I do that sometimes.

    I usually have both an open comb and a regular ready, and sometimes use them both in the same shave routine.

    Also I use whatever blade is in the razor, that said I have choice out of two (Feather and Personna).
    I think the blade wear is the same.
  3. This is really weird, I read your heading and almost spat my morning Java at my screen thinking you have got to be sh*tting me, has this guy bugged my bathroom? of course not, but here is the delio for fun over the years I shave with two razors similtaniously one on the left side and the other on the right side, little double shuffle for fun.
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    2 at once... Does it work well? I always considered training my left hand to shave and right to streatch to better shave my left side, since I'm ambidextrous, but I never seriously considered 2 at once...
  6. Using two different razors is the same as what some adjustable users accomplish by changing adjustments for different passes. It is the ultimate YMMV situation.

    For me, I sometimes use a straight for my WTG reduction pass, and a DE for the ATG work . . . but that is because I have not mastered the straight on ATG and still need a good shave!
  7. Even though my beard isn't coarse or heavy, I regularly use 2 razors - one middling aggressive for WTG and XTG passes, and a mild one for an ATG pass and some finishing off. And I just don't get the razor burn that can come from working too much with a too-aggressive razor.
  8. It works well, I am also ambidextrous, and it is fun to hit the face from both sides from time to time, like I say only for fun.
  9. I hope once you're done with the double shave you then twirl the razors over your fingers and slip them into hip holsters before donning a Stetson and swaggering out the door 'Cos that's the image I'm getting! :lol:
  10. You forgot the part where he blows the excess shave cream from them before he holsters them. He wouldn't want to put them away dirty! :001_rolle
  11. As I read it, he's not using two razors at once. He's doing his first WTG and second XTG pass with a Slant or Slim/6, then switching over to the 40SS for the third ATG pass.

    I occasionally switch razors, but I usually do so in the first pass if my original choice isn't giving me the results I want. Then, I'll finish the whole shave with whatever I pick as a replacement. Once, just for fun, I lathered up each side of my face with two different products, and shaved each side with two different razors. Just for fun.

    To the OP: If it works, don't fix it. Its your face, and you can shave it any way you want to.
  12. It combine a Gem 1912 SE and a Slant(with Feather). The reason being the feather blades are really rough for the ATG and XTG passes. Also SE razors i think are meant for XTG passes, you can do a XTG with a SE in less than 90 secs if you try and practice it(you might have to touch up some places but thats a different story)

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