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Used soaps forever, but what about the new Cade cream?

I'm been mostly using artisanal soaps like Mike's, Martin de Candre, Stirling. I like them mostly because they don't take anything out during the process, like glycerin, but add extra things that big companies might find too expensive. So you could say that I'm a fan of the natural oils and not the "chemicals" usually used by large companies.

However, I'm not opposed to trying something new. Cade is one that I would like to try. How would it compare to artisanal soaps? Also, I see that there's a tub version and a tube version (new formulation).
I have the tube version and it's fantastic. A pea sized amount is all I need for 3 passes and I'm left with rich lather that leaves my face feeling fantastic. It's expensive but you don't need to use a lot, which helps make up for it.
I use the jar version, and it's excellent, very slick, and a small amount gives all the lather you need.
The new Cade formulation is very good. You can build a rich creamy slick lather with little effort and despite hard water. Some people don't like the scent, but its totally in line with the ASB now, unlike the old formulation of soap that had a very different scent.
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