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USA Independence Day PIF #2

In honor of our upcoming Independence Day I'm going to have two PIF's for a couple of user grade razors. Nothing special. I will be keeping my end of it CONUS.

I would like to see this go to a current member of our armed service's, a veteran who is wanting to give shaving with a safety razor a first go, or wanting to try it again after a long layoff. I would ask that you not presently own a safety razor. No problem putting your name into the hat to forward it on to a qualifying individual, here stateside or overseas.

So for PIF#2 we have a Schick Injector (g-type I believe). Plating is in good shape with just a few dull spots here and there. I've given it a preliminary cleaning with scrubbing bubbles and polish, but it will need to be sanitized (I'm out of barbercide unfortunately). Mechanically it's sound and the blade stops look good.

I'll run this PIF till Sunday night (July 1st) Tuesday night midnight central time and randomly pick a winner Wed. morning.

Just post in this thread that you support our soldiers and I'll put your name in the hat.

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I support our Soldiers 100%! This is very generous and patriotic of you Sir! I commend you on your PIF BUT PLEASE COUNT ME OUT as I am a straight user only!

As do I!! I was ineligible for service due to cornea transplants when I was a teenager, but I have many a family member who has served and many friends that have and they are hero's to me, one and all!!!!
Might sound silly, but safety razor and double edge not the same thing? If not, I would love to try the injector.
Well, they are both safety razors, but the injector is essentially a single edge blade. Think of it as a smaller, more maneuverable version of the GEM 1912's. I think they are easier to use than the SE's that use the large blades and a little more forgiving. I get my absolute best shaves with injectors.
I don't qualify for this PIF either, just trying to keep it up.

Don't be scared of this razor guys, I have an injector and it is a GREAT shaver. These things don't get a whole lot of love in the shaving world.
Yep folks, the injector is a sweet shaving machine. I could go from a cart to this no problem, it's darn near the same for me, only a better shave with the injector.
And the razor goes to: Wcoppage! Congrats and thank you and everyone else that has given themselves to the service of this country. It is appreciated!!!

$PIF 2.jpg

I'll send a PM to get your personal info so I can get this off in the mail to you.
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