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Upon Further Inspection.......

As soon as I learned to pull the skin taut on my face, it has given me much closer and comfortable shaves.
I told one of my coworkers who took up wetshaving and he has been using it too.
So yesterday I was noticing his shave and there were areas where he was shaven completely clean and splotches of whiskers. Only if you look close.
And so I looked at mine, and ever since I have started pulling taut - the same thing has been happening to me. Almost in checkerboard splotches.
But you almost have to look at it in a certain light to notice.
Does anyone know what this is and what to do about it?
I love the closeness stretching causes - but would it be better to not have it to have at least a uniform stubble/shadow?
I used 40's superspeed and proraso.
One against the grain basic pass.
One with the grain pulling taut.
Then a finish across the grain with stretching.
It doesn't matter what setup I use.
Or my friend for that matter.
And you can only tell if you look at it in a certain light.
It is still a nice very close shave.
But I wish it would all come of as clean as those little splotches.
And I will not consider AGAINST the grain!
That has been the absolute BEST way to tear my face to bits!
Try a good shave soap and use a feather blade. With a 40's style super speed you'll have a great combination for a very close shave. That's the same set up I use and I never go against the grain. In face, I just go N-S and then a little T&C.
You might want to try your first pass with the grain. Subsequent passes moving across and then 10-15 degrees or just off the against the grain pass, with proper technique and lubrication along with prior passes reducing the whisker to a negligible length- going against the grain should not be a problem. YMMV
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