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Unsure of New Astra package.

Hey everyone. I recently ordered 100 Astra sp from Amazon. I am well aware of the lazer engraving change, as I have those already.

This package features the P&G logo, says Astra TM instead of R, and a few other changes.

The blades and wrappers look identical, so probably just an update?
Probably just packaged for sale in Turkey - "Cift Traflı Jilet" is Turkish (though it seems like a bad translation of "double edge blade/Gillette"). I've seen those packages before. Also, a not insignificant number of "Russians" are also native Turkish speakers, so they may even be marketed within Russia. Similarly, Perma Sharp blades have a Turkish writing on the packages. All owned by Gillette/P&G...
You're probably good.
Just different packages for different markets. I have both and can’t tell the difference in shaving.

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Hopefully just different packaging for different markets. Maybe you could get a tuck of each and give us a performance rating on the blades.
Do people get this worried when Cap'n Crunch or Charmin toilet paper change their packaging?
I don't think most people by their toilet paper online, when it comes to blades I don't buy any in the store and most of my blades come from overseas. And seeing how these go on your face and not your posterior I imagine there is a difference lol for most people
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