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Unscented Declaration Grooming?

I have a very, very sensitive sense of smell. Sensitive to a fault and most scents just don't work well for me. Anyway, in a previous thread it was brought to my attention that Tallow and Steel, Declaration Grooming (DG), and other soaps were definitely worth trying. If I recall top performers like Valobra and Haslinger were 14 and 15 on this top soap list. 14 and 15? Valobra and Haslinger? What then, for the love of God, were the top 10 soaps on the list?

I ordered a number of samples and first tried Declaration Grooming Original. I haven't shaved with it yet but I did work up a lather and applied it to my face to test latherability and scent. Latherability is great, scent, not so much. I'm sure its a great soap but I can't take the scent.

Sooooo - if Declaration Grooming is such a good soap and that I should give it a try my question to you all is this: Is Declaration Grooming Unscented shaving soap really unscented?

While I wait for a reply I must go and wash my face - DG Original is just too much scent for me.

Peace, out
DC Original is super strong! Too much for me, as well.

I have not tried the unscented, but I have my doubts that it will be truly unscented. I can smell the clay in the Original scent, and so I assume the unscented will smell of clay, as well.
I've never used DG unscented but I do own Wholly Kaw Bare Naked in donkey. I can tell you it smells like a tub of nothing, I detect zero
I have used the DG unscented soap and yes it does have a smell to it. It is not a strong smell. I think it is the clay smell.
Happy shaves
Thank you for sharing! I had once come across this table, the general reviews on youtube or shaving forums tend to paint a much nicer picture of the DG soap, this is a soap I will eventually buy sooner or later.

You're welcome. DG is a well-regarded soap. So far, it's still at the top of my list, but it might be knocked down someday. There are a lot of soaps out there. :001_smile
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