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Unscented Cream?

What is your recommendation for an unscented/lightly scented cream to use in a super-lather? I'm looking for something that won't compete with the scent of soaps, but that gives me a quicker, thicker lather.
AOS Unscented if you want the cream of the crop-no pun intended-, KMF Unscented if the AOS is too much $...and the wild card, Derby Normal (not entirely scent free, but a very clean, pleasant smell that wont interfere in a super lather
eShave unscented is a fantastic cream. Mine rarely gets used as I am into my fragranced creams. I hadn't considered using it in a super-lather. I'll have to give it a go.
Fitjar Shea Pleasure shaving cream. I have 3 creams from Fitjar, and they are all awesome.

Made with handpressed, unrefines sheabutter, no essential oils added, so should be suitable for very sensitive skin and noses.Shaving cream is a soft shaving soap that can be lathered up with a shaving brush in the jar, in a separate shaving bowl, or on your face. This natural shaving cream does not have borax or SLS sodium laureth sulphate) and is enriched with glycerin and organic virgin oilive oil, so it should be safe for vegans.
It produces a dense, rich, long lasting lather.
Arko Maximum Comfort and Erasmic creams are just about scentless. Both are also cheap to purchase. With either one superlathering will be a thing of the past as they lather just fine by themselves.
KMF unscented.

Wink at it and it will over flow your shave bowl even before your brush gets to it.

I use Arko cream. It's lightly scented so I haven't experienced it clashing with anything. Believe it or not, Williams mixed with a little Arko cream is awesome.
if it was me, i'd contact QCS and ask for unscented cream. it's like a soft soap and performance will be fantastic.
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