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GIVEAWAY! Unobtainium Captain’s Choice PIF!

I am curious to try the aftershaves, but I’ll declare myself not in so that people who really want the hardware have a better shot at it.

Speaking of, what are those two vessels in the back? A razor holder on the right and just a regular coffee mug on the left? Or does it have a shave-related use?
Half this PIF is unobtainium!!! (It’s not available on the website anyway). Maybe some of you have never seen this stuff before. Well feast your eyes! It all could be yours!!

45th Parallel aftershave balm has been used. I would estimate 3/4 to 1/2 left. The Nor’Easter aftershave appears to be never used.

Open to everyone worldwide. Will pick a winner in a week or so depending on interest.

To enter simply express interest below. Good luck!

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I'm in.
Looks great.
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