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Unknown razor

Dear fellow readers

Have just been given a Straight razor which I would like to restore.Cannot tell you much about it although it clearly says 1167.J.ROBB.II on the side.

Cannot see a make on the blade as there is a slight bit of rust.I also think I will have to get the razor honed as the edge has a small nick or two in it.

Firstly can anyone tell me anything about the razor and where can I leave it in to get it restored and honed.Keeping in mind I live in Northern Ireland .Could post it to the UK!!

As per my last post see the attached picture. Sorry it is not in great focus but the camera is not very good.

That looks like a "wedge" grind on an old razor about 4/8ths of an inch wide.
I do not recognize the marks you describe but there were many different marks used over the past 150 years.

If no one here responds to your request for help you can email me for some suggestions.
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