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Unknown modern repro Gillette Old Type

I saw this video of an Italian barber in Milan using what looks like a modern repro of a Gillette Old Type. No comments were made on the video which would identify the razor. Any clues or suggestions as to who makes this? Thanks for your help!
(Last post, translated from Ukrainian by Google)
There is nothing similar in shaving between Gillette and Fatip, they are completely different razors, although they are somewhat similar in appearance.)
I have a Fatip Grande Open comb, I have never had any problems with blade alignment and the razor is not too aggressive.
It's a perfect razor if I have not shaved for three or four days
I have a "Piccolo" with no alignment issues, shaves as well if not better than the vintage Gillette. I also have an Fatip Open Comb Slant, it has terrible alignment issues but shaves OK despite being extremely mild.
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