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Unknown date on tech ball

so im knew to safety razors, or atleast vintage. So i was wondering if anyone would know, 1 what is the date on this razor and 2 is it a real vintage Gillette?
US Gillette Dating Information

No date codes on razors 1930-49. IF, a big IF, it still had the original blades with it they did have dates. Of course the odds of the blades being original and not a warehouse item a year or two older than the razor and ...

Look legit to me, I have a couple just like it.
Thank you, just bought it on ebay and wanted to be sure it was legit and not a copy lol reall funny about buying used things online
It looks like I can see a year code of 'F' which would be 1960, but too much glare to see the quarter code on the other side.
Upon magnification it appears to be an F3.

I shave with my NDC Ball End Tech more often than any other razor. They are excellent razors and will likely outlive you and I.
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