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Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by StevenSeagull, Jan 12, 2019.

    I just received my Universal Shavette from eBay (LINK) and had a question about the area where the blade is clamped.

    There appears to be a gap where the exposed portion of the blade meets the clamping assembly on the Universal Shavette. Compared to my Parker SRW, at this point there appears to be no gap on the Parker. I tried my best to take pictures of what I am explaining:

    Universal Shavette:

    Parker SRW:

    I have also mocked up an exaggerated image of what I am seeing:
    Universal on the left, and Parker on the right

    There is noticeable play in the blade when mounted in the Universal because of this, I am able to bow/bend the flat end of the exposed portion of the blade. It does make a tight clamp on the blade but not at the outermost part of the assembly closest to the blade edge where I would expect it. Did I receive a defective shavette, or is this by design?
  1. I have never noticed that on mine from the same vendor but I just went to have a look for you.
    To the naked eye (with reading glasses) I can not see any gap. With a loupe held on the end of the razor mine looks straight on the right side but the left looks like your rendition drawn, however, while maintaining the loupe visual I tried to flex or move the blade side to side and there was no movement detected.
    I think what you are seeing is the "breaking of the edge" in MFG at that point.
    If you think the blade is held well just not at the extreme edge I would say shave with it. If you don't like it and think this is causing problems then write the vendor and see what he says.
    If it is held a mm or two back from the absolute edge but held well then I would not worry about it.
    They are great shavettes IMO. The best DE one AFAIC
  2. Thanks S&S for your feedback. I took it for a shave earlier, it was noticeably a better shaving experience than the Parker. The overall feel in hand with added weight is a definite plus, and any potential stubble is non existent even in trouble areas that the Parker seemed to struggle with.

    My only gripe, aside from the gap that I mentioned which doesn't seem to be impacting the shave, is the length of metal that surrounds the blade. What I mean by this is that when shaving the metal that's closest to the exposed blade extends towards the scales quite a bit and clears some of the applied shaving soap next to the area that I'm actually shaving. Whereas the Parker's metal for this same area swoops down away from the blade almost immediately after the exposed blade so there is only a small portion of metal that can potentially clear away shaving soap on either side of the blade.

    This shavette will definitely take the place of the Parker which will likely just get thrown in my travel bag, but I would like to try the Focus Slim Al as well.
  3. I've never had a problem in use with it.
    Many seem to like the Focus (I have not tried it) but to me it is the ugliest razor/shavette/whatever ever made.
    The universal for me is the closest feeling to an actual straight in shape, size and weight.
    I have tried the Parker. It is flimsy, small and has an annoying shape in the shank.

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