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United States Veterans - Giveaway

VETERANS HOPE GIVEAWAY!! **Please Repost & Share** -

Here's how it works: DM Frank Misa @strikegoldshave_ or Joe @blackmountainshaving (on INSTAGRAM) with a US Veteran who is struggling (first name only for now) going through a rough time... perhaps coping, hurt serving our country, suffering PTSD, etc. Please tell us a high-level summary why YOU think they should receive a new Taft Shave Soap and matching aftershave from Strike Gold Shaving (CIC base) plus all the Colonel Conk products you see ("Major" DE Razor, Personna blades, Col Conk preshave oil, and a 30mm "Howtizer" Badger brush) help them feel amazing, even for just a moment, with the gift of a wet shave. You all know that transporting feeling. Let's give them the same!

You can contact me (Mike) here and I will forward your nominations to Frank and Joe.

Everything is 100% paid for. All we need is YOUR help finding them. That community member, a friend, a friend of a friend.. Let's do something incredible together. -

Entries are open now through end of business Friday, May 3, 2019. As May is Mental Health month, help me spread this around and let our beloved veterans know... THEY ARE NOT ALONE. IMG_20190410_204716_101.jpg
I'll ask around. Most of my personal buddies have made it great, or they aren't here anymore. I hope these products go to someone who really needs them. God Bless.
Thank you gentlemen.

The screening process is involved and sincere so they definitely go to someone that will enjoy them.
Anything above and beyond for any of our service men active or retired is absolutely what they deserve. Even just a thank you. Regardless if you agree with the battles and wars its not up to the service members to decide where they go. The only thing each service member has decided is to risk their lives for this country and every single person in it.
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