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Unexpected great shave from Futur/Feather

So far I've never got on well with Feather blades, they are too unforgiving for my technique. I thought I'd give one another try yesterday in my 1960 Gillette SS, as usual it cut close but with bad razorburn.

So I had another go this morning, I put a Feather in my Futur (I like the weight) and lathered up as usual with Trumpers Coconut. The only difference, this morning I decided to try shaving with my left hand on the left side of my face (i'm right handed), really just as a bit of practive for when I start using my straight.

I had to use a different grip on the razor as I'm not used to using my left hand. I'll try to post a photo later but it was basically holding the handle of the razor between thumb and index finger at the part where the handle narrows, and placing the side of the little finger on the very tip of the handle to steady it.

I was amazed, not only could I shave with the left hand perfectly ok but the grip gave me much more control and a lighter touch. I tried this new (for me) grip on the right hand and again, more control and a lighter touch.

I still need to work on it but I have virtually no razor burn this morning, and the shave is at least as close as I was getting with the Derby blades before. And that was with 1 pass less than usual.

It seems like this new grip allows me to use just the right pressure with either hand, and allows finer control over the razor angle too. I need to practice more with this, but I'm much more confident about using Feathers in my Futur, and also in the slantbar which I'm planning to buy at the weekend. :001_smile
It's good to see that you have mended your wicked ways to come into the Flock of Heavenly Feather users!:a14:
As you have recognized, it's all about technique. Now it can be all about enjoying a GREAT shave!
I have had numerous great shaves from my Futur, and now I have come to expect them. This razor has its fans and its detractors. I can see the truth in some of the critisisms of the Futur, but when you get comfortabke using it, it can really be great.
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