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Unexpected bounty

Haven’t been on the forum for quite some time as life has been ever changing.
However today I was given a box of razors, hones, brushes ect… told this is 1 of 2 boxes they have for me. It’s quite the bounty.
I will be having a lot more time on my hands now as I will be getting a defibrillator/pacemaker implant next week. A friends parents who used to do the swap meets said they had a bunch of old shaving stuff boxed up in the garage back in Michigan and were come out here and would bring it with a load of other stuff for him.
So I will be getting back to doing some restorations.
The Swastika hones were early 1900 prior to WWII and any relation to the Nazi propaganda.
Yeah, I saw them in India when on holidays a few years back and knew they were an Indian symbol.
It's so burned into our consciousness that it was still weird to see it on the side of a building though.
Haven’t had time to do much with these yet other thsn clesn up a few of the DE’s as I’ve been in the hospital over a week getting tests and a defibrillator/pacemaker implant. But I’m on the mend now.

I did smuggle the black handle flair tip in to the hospital and used it. Nice smooth shave with a feather blade.

I knew the Swastika was an Indian symbol but thought it had another name before the nazis. Though I’ll admit I’ve never really looked that up before.
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