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Unexpected Alum Burn

Just what the title said.

I have used alum every dang day and have never had a reaction like this. I use the stuff to *prevent* paying the price for stupid technique, not enhance it. :confused:

To refresh the memory, I shave first, shower after.

Stumbled to the mirror this morning (had to answer an alarm at the range in the middle of the night) and forgot I had meant to change blades in the shavette.

PdP soap and two passes with the shavette. I did not feel too ripped up as I soaped up in the shower (Zest is like an instant critique of your shave, if you're up to being critiqued by an inanimate object).

However, when I put on the alum, holy patootie. This is being written almost three hours later and it's still burning. A surreptitious bit of faceturbation shows mostly what feels like a single wtg pass but no huge bumps or raw weepers.

Lousy shave, or some contamination in the alum? Anybody else have this happen?

- Ow (John)
Wow. I've never had the sting last more than a minute or so. I like the Alum because it shows be which areas of my face I was being careless on (since those areas burn a fair bit), but I've never had it last three hours. I'm not sure what to tell you on that one...
Thank you, Anthony and Paco. I had a close look at my mug a little while ago and I can see little, well, almost stripes. What do you bet I had a nicked blade from over-use?

I guess I can be glad the alum is supposed to disinfect. :blushing:

Thankfully, I can take the next couple of days to let it ease off.

Thanks, guys.

- John
John...... It's the blade. I'm sure of it. You didn't try using a Feather again did you? ;)

Alum will let you know when you have been cavalier with your tools and technique.

Sorry you had a lousy shave. If it is any consolation, I had a lousy shave today too.... I was in a rush.
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