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Underrated and Hidden Gem Soaps

After my shave today I'll also throw in Meißner Tremonia. It's hard soaps don't get nearly enough love in my opinion, their post shave feel in particular is hard to beat. The soaps are all handmade in traditional copper kettles and left to harden naturally by evaporation as opposed to being milled; they only use essential oils for scents and they jar in lilac glass jars which filters out ultraviolet light and helps preserve the soap.
Thanks for the tip. I was a bit torn between Salty Sea Sage, Dark Lime and Warm Woods. I eventually went with the Warm Woods hard soap. I’ve heard good things about this one and am looking forward to trying it.
I'm going to add a favorite of mine that doesn't get much attention, Los Jabones de Joserra. I think this line of soaps is on the same level as Grooming Dept, Ethos, etc.
I've been using Canada Shaving Soap since I burned my face with the Bannister Mann Passiflora soap. It really is unfortunate the soap doesn't work for my skin... the shave itself was very nice.

I don't know if Canada Shaving Soap is a hidden gem... but it lathers instantly and works well with the Baume.be Pre-shave I'm using. And best of all, my skin doesn't react to it.

I plan to rotate the Baume.be shaving cream back in soon. Now, that one might qualify for this thread.... it's lovely.
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