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Under the chin

I've discovered that the most difficult area to get a good close shave is under my chin. I'm talking about the area from my chin down to just above my adam's apple. I noticed that this area is not covered by the RMWS shaving forms. I am able to shave the area pretty well, but it's never smooth like the other areas. When I shave that area I do a N-S followed by a W-E and a E-W and end on another N-S for good measure, but it's still like fine grit sandpaper down there and not baby smooth.

My kit includes the Merker HD, Derby blades, shaving cube, Hydrolast paste, Super badger brush, and good hot water (okay, just hot water, I hesitate to call it good).

Any advice?
Hi Joey:

First the disclaimer: I haven't used the CAR shaving method although I've put an order in for some of the products.

I think in the pictures (a PDF file called cutting Forms) on his web site (enchanteonline.com) he labels this area as Q3 and shaves it N-S on the first pass, diagonally from the ear towards the Adam's apple on the second pass, and finally horizontally from the ear towards the Adam's apple on the last pass.

Hope this helps.


P.S.: If you are a veteran Method shaver have you noticed that the robust use of the brush damages it to any degree?
I'm still new to this too but here goes...RMWS divides the face down the middle vertically from the chin down. Although the forms don't exactly show, you want to cut each side of the neck to the centerline as shown in the forms. I usually do a final pure S-N pass right under the chin to finish things off. I highly recommend you go see or call Charles at Enchante if you have time. He's more than happy to talk with you and answer questions.

Part two re the question on the brush. I have never tried the Hydrolast products and Method Shaving without the Shavemaster so I can't speak for other brushes. I've been using the Shavemaster for the past three months. I think I may have lost about one or two hairs. The whole thing about the brush is it is extremely dense and wide at the base. The hairs are soft but I don't think you could clasify them as silvertip. So maybe they're not as soft as higher grades. The brush serves a couple of purposes. One, the denseness and relatively less soft hairs help you whip up a good lather with the cube and paste in very little time compared to a brush that is not as dense and softer. Two, the thickness of the bush helps keep the lather in there for use on the later passes. Although expensive and maybe lacking in the "experience" of owning an English brush, I've enjoyed mine a lot. With as dense as the brush is, losing one hair or two is nothing. Hope this helps. I strongly encourage you to give Charles a call with your questions. I didn't even begin to understand his products until I talked with him and went to his shop for a shave.

Hi Collin:

Thanks for the brush advice.
I actualy did have a long chat over the phone with Charles. He didn't think my brush ( a C&E Best Badger) was optimal. But then he didn't think any brush currently made was optimal. He gave me some tips on how to get the best out of it using his method. I agree, the conversation helped.

My concern stems from the review Joel did of the CAR brush (many lost hairs) and some of the descriptions of mashing, splaying etc. that make it seem that the brush undergoes significant stress when used in the Method.

Your experience answers my concerns - thank you.

Right now I'm holding out for the B&B brush although if that doesn't come about I'm thinking of a Saville Row brush in a larger size. These were highly recommended to me by the veterans here. I think it would address some of the deficencies that the C&E currently has in terms of water/soap retention.

Again, thanks for sharing your experience. I can only share ignorance at this point and offer a apology for leading this thread astray.

As an update, I discovered that I can do S-N under my chin with no irritation. I never did it with a cartridge razor because of the extreme razor rash it caused, not to mention the cuts and nicks. With a DE it is not problem at all.
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