Unbelievable find, 5/8 goldedge with all original sleeve

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    I was on vacation and was bored late and night and decided to go on eBay and see what was out there. I stumbled on this double duck goldedge and couldn’t believe my eyes looking at the gold tang still there and the blue paint for the lettering still mostly there as well. Figured the price was incredibly low for this type of straight and I pulled the trigger on it. When I arrived home I wasn’t expecting to find what I did when I inboxed it. The original sleeve was still in tact with the label. I turned it over to find out that it was the original sleeve for my straight. The thing That surprised me the most was I took out the label to read it and found the original blade wrapping paper stuffed behind the label and at the bottom of the sleeve. I’m putting a few pics of what I’ve found. Everything looks good, but it will need a resto. The only issue I have is surface rust on the bottom of the tang. Will need some suggestions on what to do. Hope you guys approve!


    5D20A433-B739-47BA-8572-B03681FDA0CB.jpeg 15D04EE7-0741-467A-BD84-8FF077C28E28.jpeg AFFD4A41-D54D-45E3-935A-02041F63FD0C.jpeg 34C3F717-6597-4CB7-9B28-DA45E1EEE66E.jpeg 57C9725C-8758-4340-9CBD-274AD696F1F8.jpeg 82797B93-D753-42C4-AA16-B6CC6B41D846.jpeg
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    BEAUTIFUL !! ...... Can't wait to see the restoration results !.... I have no experience , but many of the straight restorers on the forum will be happy to guide you to perfection....
  2. Amazing find. Congrats.

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  3. Great find!!!
  4. Ice-Man

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    Hi Njguy1977.
    That is a beautiful score And it will turn out fantastic, but you will lose the gold with the rust but the good news is you can replace the gold.
    But do keep your eye on it as those suffer from cell rot where the scales start gassing off, and you will notice rust spots where the scales are.
    This one will show you how they look once restored, as I did this one not so long back....

    How it came to me..

    4.jpg 5.jpg


    1.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 7.jpg

    So now you can see they are worth doing to give them the beauty back, as they are fantastic shavers for sure....
  5. mrlandpirate

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    beautiful razor but my understanding is there prone to get cell rot I'm sure someone with more knowledge will be by with more info
  6. iirc, those aren't the ones with cell rot, it's more the translucent versions; however that doesn't mean I am correct. keep an eye out. it was cell rot liable, I'd expect you'd have seen something else on the metal.
  7. From what I can tell, the scales are not gassing at all. Will it ever happen, idk, but I do keep my straights stored in a cool closet away from the bathroom and sunlight. The blade looks pristine and has no hone wear at all which surprised the heck out of me. It looks like someone used it sparingly and slipped it back into the sleeve when done. So impressed given the overall condition and loved seeing the tissue paper and able to read and see what was printed on it. I do know the scales are prone to gassing, hope that they never do, but figured my storage of my straights will help deter that. I plan on doing what I can to polish and improve the overall appearance for now. If i loose some gold at the bottom of the tang I can live with that for a while. Will eventually have it redone, but for now I plan on using it and enjoying it. FYI it looks and feels very similar to my Hess 44 and it has me wondering if the 2 are 1 in the same.

  8. I did a light resto on the gold edge today. Cleaned up nicely! I still have to remove the rust around the pivot area but I would have to unpin into to get to it. For now I will leave it until I’m ready to do a full restore on it.


    BFE46455-0CA8-42A1-B8B2-E18E3C955B3D.jpeg B93D697B-D3DB-42FE-A435-AB9F9ACBC057.jpeg
  9. Chan Eil Whiskers

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    Nice find. How's it shave?
  10. Haven’t attempted yet, going to move onto honing next. I did do a test shave on my arm hair and it was quite smooth. Can’t wait to give it a go soon!

  11. evnpar

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    Very nice score. She cleaned up beautifully. Congratulations.
  12. mdunn

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    nice looking duck!
  13. Quite a score!
  14. What an amazing score!

    Can I be you? :)

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