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Un-Stinky Boar Brush

Just received My new Omega 31020 boar brush from West Coast Shaving.
Popped that sucker out of its little plastic tube, soaked it in hot water for a minute or two, and had me a nice, comfortable shave. Even brand new it has relatively soft bristles and lots of backbone.

Rinsed the brush out, dried it on a towel, and gave it a whiff. It smelled faintly of Mama Bear's Spicy Lime, which is not too surprising:tongue_sm... no funky boar smell!

Beautiful to look at, the handle fits my hand well, and I'm sure it'll be a great companion piece for my 31064. For $22 plus shipping I couldn't be happier.

Glad to hear you like it! Just luck of the draw depending on if your brush will stink, whatever it be. They're sneaky that way... :sneaky2:
Jeff, you got lucky. My last two Omegas smelled like dead hog. Still no deterrent to how these brushes perform.
My Omega was a little funky but after a wash in borax it defunkafied... the one SWMBO got though took a good cleaning and about 5-7 lathers to start to mellow.
Lucky indeed . . . most all of my brushes smelled like a wet dog when initially used. :blink: Fortunately it goes away with time.
Lucky you. On the Omega I got before Christmas I did the shampoo/condition routine, then the first shave was dog-odor free, but the next 3 wern't!
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