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Ulticlip 3...Legit IWB Choice

Granted, I am not a huge IWB holster fan, but there are those times where they may have an advantage. The Ulticlip 3 makes IWB carry all that more palatable. Mine came with a Wright Leather Works “Cruiser” for a S&W .45 Shield.
Wright makes a quality holster and the nice thing is (unlike some of my favorite makers) delivery is about a month for a custom order. Not too shabby.
The Ulticlip is a perfect setup for complete concealabity and once it is locked in, it ain’t going anywhere.
For $12.00 it’s surely worth a shout.
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Nice holster, and good delivery time, too! I have 3 holsters from Wright; delivery times will vary depending on how busy they are. Last time I checked, it was a 4 to 6 week wait. Looks like you chose mahogany; a slight heads up... you may experience some tanning transfer right into your skivvies on hot day carries:001_unsur.

I have an earlier model Cruiser for my Walther PPS. The metal spring clip is sewn into the holster, and it needs a belt to clip on to. What I like about the Ulticlip you have is that it really should be clipped to the pants. As you stated, it won't be going anywhere. HDSledge stated in another thread how the Ulticlip3 you have on your Cruiser will leave a dent in your belt if you clip to it. If you find that to be a problem, it looks like you'd have no trouble at all replacing the clip Wright gave you with the UlticlipXL. This Ulticlip has a big enough channel to clamp over a belt. Just another option for you.

Wright Leatherworks has also upped their offerings with the new Signature Series of holsters. Spendy, but if you want a one of a kind holster..... I don't work for Wright, but they make a quality product.

The problem is that their site is absolutely information free and tells buyers who don't waste time watching videos nothing useful.
Yeah. Their site is lacking, gotta agree. But from a first hand user perspective, I will say their product is far superior to the cheesy metal clips that come on many IWB holsters
I disagree with both of you. I found his site very informative, even if you don't want to watch videos.... but that's not a problem.... just an opinion:wink2:. The stuff is made in the U.S., he believes strongly in the product, and he offers a money back guarantee. You can download templates to see if any of his clips will fit on the holsters you're using:


To my eye, the things are simple, and strong. The devices expand your options for carry, especially moments in carry situations where you have to question who is carrying what. If you're moving your handgun around all the time during your daily carry, or you find that your belt designed specifically for handgun carry falls woefully short in the primary purpose of a belt.... holding your pants up.... the gun's carrying you:001_huh:. The things aren't just designed for holsters, either. Knife or multi-tool applications are there, too.

Ulticlips are one of the better things to come down the tube in a long time regarding flexibility and overlooked options. I wouldn't say they're for everyone, but you owe it to yourself to take a look, I think.

I have no quarrel with his product at all. Actually I bought two. The XL version does work better for me, but there is nothing at all wrong with the Ulticlip 3 either.

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I hate wearing belts; this might be an option for a magazine carrier which currently just has a belt loop ...
need the smallest Ulticlip, though.


Many people (including at least one first class holster maker I know) insist a belt is the only way to properly use an IWB holster. I do not necessarily share that opinion but I do prefer using a heavy belt designed for weapons carry. Hence, the Ulticlip XL does a fine job.

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Holy Mother of Chihuahuas; this thing clamps hard!

Your clothes will tear before you lose whatever this clip is attached to … thanks for the heads-up!

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