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UK only PIF: Prototype Fatip Lightweight Handle (for Fatip owners only).

Prototype Fatip Lightweight Handle:


• Completely hollow
• Knurled Aluminium centre piece
• Plain Aluminium tailpiece
• Aluminium Bronze nosepiece
• (Fatip only) M4.5 x 0.75mm thread (not suitable for “normal” razors) :wink2:
• Length 75mm
• Diameter 13mm
• Weight 13g

If you are interested, here are the requirements for entering the PIF:

1. You must already own a Fatip razor.
2. You must have a UK mailing address.
3. Post “I’m in” AND
4. tell us why you’d like the handle (briefly OR expansively).

This prototype handle was made by my good B&B friend, and Machinist Meister, Doug (@Rosseforp).
Both Doug and I are Lightweight Handle Fanboys (LHFs). We also like Fatips. :biggrin:

For comparison, here it is alongside Piccolo and Lo Storto Originale (Grande with twisted fluting) handles:

The measurements of the three handles above are:

I’ll wait to see what the response is like before deciding how and when to choose the winner. I’ll keep you updated. :yesnod:

Also, it would be appreciated if the winner tells us how his first/subsequent shave/s using the handle went (but that's not a requirement).
Like a really light piccolo handle. Does it alter your shaves with the FOCS much?
After an unbelievable amount of experimentation I find that light (and short) handles improve maneuverability and control exponentially. Consider how many people use vintage Gillettes (with their original handles).

I tend to think in terms of hand tools like chisels and hammers. Can you imagine using them with a handle that weighs two or three times the weight of the head? How would that affect your fine control of the job in hand?

Give me the weight where the blade is. That's where my focus is. If I notice the handle when I'm shaving it's not for me.

Of course, being an LHF, that's the way I see it. :biggrin: YMMV. :wink2:
I'm in.

I think a DE handles better with the weight at the head end based on my experience with a Merkur travel razor (short, light handle).

The piccolo is a favourite because of its smooth, efficient shave but so far I've only used it at home. A lightweight version (about 42g with above handle?) just might be my perfect razor. I often head off on long camping trips where you have to carry all your gear. Cutting an ounce here and there doesn't sound like much but it soon adds up.

Thanks for offering this PIF :)
Hello, I am not a British citizen, but there is an address in England. My dad loves Fatip razors. The lightweight handle gives the advantage of vintage Gillette, as for me, these are different engineering schools of creating razors. It is a pity that most modern machines weigh more than 70 grams. My vintage Gillettes weigh 52 grams. But their handles don't fit the Fatip. Thank you for your work in this direction.
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