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[UK Only] PIF - Bluebeards Revenge Cut-throat Razor

Hi all.

I last posted here back in 2017 and since then I have continued to enjoy my shaving, worked through my soaps and creams and found myself at a stage where, maybe strangely for some on this site, I know what I like best and I have actually been reducing down what I own with an aim to be at a maximum of 3 razors, 3 brushes and only stock blades, creams etc when needed.

I have sold some razors, given stuff away, used up stock and not spent a penny on shaving since sometime in 2016 and it's time to get back on this site and give back to a community that either passed items on to me, or simply passed on knowledge and enabled me to find what I wanted to get from shaving. I will probably get posting again more regularly or join in with things like the 3017 again but for now: a UK only PIF!

Hopefully PIFs still exist...

Rules are very simple:
1) UK only entries (sorry across the pond/Europe).
2) Start your reply with a number to be counted for an entry (i.e. if you're first entry type 1, second entry type 2, etc) so I can do a random draw at the start of 2022 to pick a winner.
3) Just say hello and add as much or little as you want to the post. Easy.

The razor up for grabs is the Bluebeards Revenge Cut-throat (although it simply uses half safety razor blades). I thought it would be my gateway into cut-throat razors but after maybe half a dozen attempts it wasn't for me and I'll stick to what I like. So if you're looking to try it out, or always wanted one please enter! I have cleaned and sterilised the razor prior to posting this and the draw will be done on January 3rd 2022.

All the best,


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1, I had a cheap shavette of ebay and when I started to try a straight razor lent it out and was never returned. Haven't the heart to ask for it back and was looking at getting another. As I wouldn't use it every day or so don't want to spend as much as a feather or the likes, this would be just the job if I'm lucky enough to receive it. If not hope whoever does enjoys the use and kind of yourself to offer this out.
PIF closed.

Only 2 entries so I flipped a coin Heads for #1 and Tails for #2.

Winner was Heads #1 - Darren J 67. I will drop you a PM now.

Commiserations Samon - good luck on future PIFs!
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