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FSOT UK Brush Sale - Simpson Colonel X2L Platinum Fibre Synthetic / Paladin 2XL Tortoiseshell

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My first BST post so please let me know if I have not done this correctly.

First up for sale is an unusual Simpson Colonel X2L Synthetic brush with a platinum fibre knot and a ruby red handle complete with original Simpson red box and care leaflet. The knot is 21mm and the loft is 45mm and this is the superior Platinum fibre found in the Chubby 2 and Duke 3 synthetics, not the Sovereign fibre found in the Trafalgar series. The brush and box both present as new although the Simpson sticker has a thin layer of clear nail varnish over it. I purchased this as new although not directly from Simpson as it was released in limited numbers at the opening of a shop in Palermo called 'Worldhair Vintage' on 1st December 2018 in conjunction with Goodfellas Smile; the shop is now closed. I have used this brush about 20 times and it has not shed, I am selling as I am downsizing and I prefer my Chubby 2 synthetic. Asking £75 including delivery to a UK address, payment by Paypal G&S.


Second is a Paladin 2XL 28mm tortoiseshell select badger brush which is not easy to obtain in the UK. As per card shown in the photos, the free loft is 51mm and the total loft is 54.25mm. This knot has the 2CLNL6 code, it is a very dense knot with good backbone, and incredibly soft, gel tips with zero scritch. I am the second owner of this brush and it was sold to me as having been used three times, I have used it fewer than ten times. The brush is in perfect condition and is supplied in the original Paladin tube with the knot card as shown. The entire package presents as new. I am selling this brush as it is too large for me and I have realised that I am not fond of gel tips which this knot has in abundance. The knot feels normal when dry but when it is wet the fibres gel into the softest knot I have ever used, too soft for me. I have experienced no shedding issues at all with this brush. Asking £180 delivered to a UK address, payment by Paypal G&S.


If my prices are way off, or if you want any more information or pictures then please let me know. I will consider an exchange, with cash either way if necessary, for Simpson Manchurian brushes or Limited Edition numbered Semogue Finest brushes. If you are not in the UK the PM me if interested and we can discuss delivery charges. Thanks for looking, Richard

Owen Bawn

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If I were in Old Blighty you'd have a taker for that Colonel. Have you posted these on the UK forums? You might have a deeper local pool on ATG or TSR. Good luck!
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