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Uber-Lather with Proraso

I'm looking for different combinations of Proraso and various soaps to make an excellent uber-lather. Proraso is my corner-stone and I'm looking for what soap(s) others out there use with Proraso to make thier uber-lather of choice. This will influence my next purchase...if that encourages you to write.

Thanks for the replies in advance.
I don't do super/uber lather too much, but I find that Provence Sante's Green Tea soap benefits a great deal from a touch of Proraso.

The lather's more slick, and the way the two scents mix really works for me. Plus the little chill from Proraso is nice.
Proraso cream? I use MWF for just about everything when I mix. I have used it with CO Bigelow (Proraso) cream and it's nice.
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