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Two weeks, three pens, one ink

So I made the trip back to DC last weekend. In my haste to get out the door I made a huge mistake...only one ink bottle made the trip. Here I sit with three pens inked with Diamine Bl-Bl. Typically I switch inks daily as it makes it easy to review notes and mark-ups.

One more week to go. At least I like the ink.
If you get desperate, there are Levenger and Paradise Pen stores, both at Tyson's Corner. Levenger ink is good, but a bit pricy. Paradise should have a better selection.

Also, if you're in DC, Fahrney's Pens at 1317 F St NW has a fantastic collection.
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for shame Daniel lol... but think how much you will enjoy your own collection when you finally get back to it
Thanks for the head's up, Larry. Haven't had time to venture much of anywhere since my return so I am going to have to tough it out.

And yes, I am really going to enjoy a fresh fill upon my return, James. Never thought I would think this but any color but blue black.
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