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Two-Shave Rule

Is anybody else ditching blades after two shaves. Is it wasteful? Sometimes I get decent shaves on my third or fourth shaves with a blade, but most often I don't and I wind up very raw.
I used to go for four on a blade (Derbys) but the fourth shave was also giving me problems so now I only do three on a blade. It works for me. I've read some posts here from guys that do just one shave per blade, so it sounds like you are right on the average!
Blades are cheap. I have a few brands that I like but routinely toss after two shaves. Feathers are only good for 2 shaves for me and Treet Durasharps as well. Of course the Feathers are expensive compared to the Treets though they both shave me equally well for two shaves. So I tend to buy Treets rather than Feathers. I also shave occassionally with SE carbon steel blades and always toss them after two shaves.
Do what works for you. I have a three shave rule myself. I used to push blades to four shaves, and it was hit or miss. Three shaves/blade is working just fine.
I don't have a rule, I toss it when it feels like it needs to go. For my ASR blades in my Fatboy that doesn't come until after shave #7 or so.
it depends on the thickness of the beard and the kind of blade you use I get about 5-6 shaves per blade
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I'm moving toward tossing them after two shaves. The third and fourth shaves feel OK while I'm doing them but then I notice irritation or red spots afterwards. This is especially true with Feather blades.
Two shaves are normal for me although I can get three once in a while. That third shave is not nearly as comfortable than the first two so I mostly toss the blade after two shaves.
3 shaves, max.

Like others said, I found myself having quite possibly the best shave on the 3rd.

I've heard of going 4 and 5 shaves. 4 I can see but 5 is just being silly.
I don't have a rule, I toss it when it feels like it needs to go.

+1. I've had quite a few blades that are still excellent after 4 or 5 shaves, fewer that are good for 7 shaves, and 1 or 2 that will go all the way to 9 or 10. Of course, we are talking about blades here, so YMMV!:laugh:
Two or three shaves. Not by rule necessarily, just observation. I have a light-to-medium beard and shave every other day. Been DE'ing the noggin lately, which equals ~1.5 face shaves. More surface area maybe?

Some blades have an extended "decent" range after they lose their initial bite. I saw a member participating in the "one blade in February" challenge who was able to get 17 shaves out of an Astra. Impressive.
I used to have a hard and fast rule, 3 and done. I have relaxed it and now use the blade until the quality of the shave suffers or I get bored. Sometimes I will change after one blade, others until it wears out. What changed my mind was a vintage Wilkinson SwordEdge blade that went 15 shaves in my red tip.
I toss them after two shaves.I see no need to try to get thru the 3rd shave with an almost sharp blade.
Buy in bulk and the cost is not so bad.

Do any of you switch out blades mid-shave? for me it's hard to tell if I'm getting a bad shave until I'm all done and my face settles out. My irritation usually shows up after about 15 minutes. I guess sometimes I'll feel a little tugging.
2 for me. I never want to get too close to that so-so shave. Besides, I have enough blades to last a couple of years.
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