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Two Seiko's started working again


my brain goes "thonk"
I have two Seiko watches that started working again. One is battery operated the other is a Seiko 5. The Seiko 5 was sitting on a desk next to a cold wall. It had got condensation in it. It would work for a little while than stop. I took the back off for a little while. When I sat the watch on my bed I noticed it would would, not stop and keep time. So now I'm back to wearing it and it it is working just fine. I don't know why it would work when I set it on the bed. It's a mystery to me. The the other watch is a tank style that I have always liked because of the face. I replaced the battery and it did't start working until one day I pushed the stem in and low and behold it started working again. It dosen't have a second hand on it, I had to set it down and come back to see if the hands moved and they did. It's a mystery to me. These are the two watches. I purchased another Seiko 5 with the same face because I like the face so much. Now I'll have to try and sell it when it gets here.


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That Hebrew dial is cool! Mechanical and electromechanical devices are actually strange beasts. I have seen large pieces of various equipment run fine with broken and bent parts that should have failed catastrophically but, as long as you kept it running it still worked somehow. The minute you shut it down it all comes apart. Rather amazing to see actually. In something as small and intricate as a watch an errant piece of dust can lock up the works, a quick bump and off it goes.
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