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Two Merkur Razors I Miss That Are No Longer Made

Years ago I bought the 1904 open-comb model with a nickel-plated finish. Now it's only available in chrome plating, IDK I think a vintage type of razor is better in nickel. Glad I kept that original 1904 model. Then there's the open-comb version of the 34C that I had and did sell (huge mistake). I really don't get why they quit making that one. Yes, they have an open-comb version of the three-piece, but I like the two-piece HD handle much much better. Merkur, if you are listening, bring back the HD handle open-comb!
IIRC the open comb version of the Merkur HD was the Merkur 11C. By many accounts it was a very mild razor.

Yet it was a wonderful looking razor and I regret that I didn't buy it when it was available.
I had a whole collection of Merkur razors, but in the end I left only one — Merkur 37C. Before that, I had models 23C, 33C, 25C and 38C. But it was the Merkur 37C that became the perfect choice for me in terms of cleanliness and shaving efficiency.

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