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Two lots, DE and SE: ATT Windsor, D.R. Harris, GEM razors, Proraso, scuttles, blades

ATT Windsor DE razor with all original packaging. Brushed matte / Kronos handle and white washer always in place to prevent any scratching. New these are $200.00. Has been used no more than six times - spotless. Faena soap is 80% and D.R. Harris Marlborough is 95%. Cool vintage milk glass scuttle of sorts. Lower it into a sink of hot water and your lather is always warm. Genuine Wilkenson Sword blades in original packaging. Fun Florida Water glass bottle for your aftershave. All of this for $180.00. CONUS only please. Not interested in trades.




Cased GEM Micromatic "Bullseye" SE razor ("Bullseye" is less common), GEM Junior, Bull Goose vintage inspired synthetic brush, next to brush is a stack of GEM SE blades (about 24 total), D.R. Harris Windsor (90%), Proraso aftershave balm (99%), Proraso aftershave splash (75%), two tubes of shaving cream from India, vintage scuttle. All for $88.00.



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