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FS Two large lots - instant shave dens!

Two lots. I pay the shipping so CONUS only please.

Lot #1: Boxed Merkur Progress DE razor, used twice; Caswell-Massey number six shave cream (Eight ounces!) 95%; Skipper brushless shaving cream container is empty - cool vintage touch; Mennan aftershave talc (full); Aqua Velva talc (feels full); Aqua Velva Ice Blue aftershave 60%; HC&C Southern Comfort shaving soap (95%); Asylum Aloe Shaving Cream (90%); Coles slant razor (Germany) identical to the Merkur in second lot and shaves with same amazing results; Karve brass razor with "D" baseplate and 3 1/4" brass handle, genuine patina that only comes with use / original box and instructions; Gillette Service set / serial number E 9999 which dates it to 1918. Does not say, "Property of US Army" / Fabric interior of case has been replaced with like color / handle has been restored and split repaired / lid closes down but does not latch shut. The razors alone in this lot are well over $200.00. The first $229.00 takes it all and shipping is paid.

Lot #2: Razor and brush holder; Stetson clear glass flask is 85%; Stetson amber glass flask is empty; Fenwicke talc (feels 30% full); Savon a Barbe shaving soap (85%); Panta Rei Ibla shaving soap (80%); Personal Barber Coconut and Lavender shaving cream (90%); Old Spice Short Cut hair groom vintage piece (empty); Merkur Germany-Solingen Slant with typical split that does not affect use; Classic Shave DE head with Maggard handle; Vintage Tuckaway in original gold colored case with newly replaced interior of like color. Blade holder is chrome (not gold colored.). Yours for $95.00 and I pay the shipping.


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