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Two executives in need of repair

Hey guys,
I recently acquired these two executives. They're still in the mail. As you can see, the bottom knob is loose on both of them :frown:. Anyone here know if there is any way I can fix them? Anyone willing to fix them for a small charge?
I contacted AsylumGuido first of course, but I just want to put the question out there for all, since I really really want these babies to work right.
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It actually seems that the right one is loose in the bottom and below the adjuster knob now that I look at it.
I have seen threads that describe ways to fix this. Basically wrapping a wire around the groove in the TTO knob that no longer has a functioning retainer ring. I am not sure how easy or completely this fix works, though.

Are you sure these are Executives? Or are they regular Fat Boys photographed to in a manner that makes them look gold plated?
I saw multiple pictures. They seemed to be well lit, as the guy's finger looked like a regular finger in one of the pictures.
Just by looking at them:001_smile I have seen so many ebay pictures that I guess It is just clear as day to me now. One way is to to look at the one on the right. The ring under the adjuster is no longer black, but gold/brassy in color. Compare it to the metal of the razor. They aren't even close in color like they would be if the razor was gold.
Don't Executives have the same checkering as a Slim? Those look like Fatboys to me just going by the checkering on the handle.
Yep... look like silver to me. Taken without a flash, under a yellowish light bulb(like a dining room chandelier with a yellowish cover.)

Look at the bottom of the head, the part that isn't reflecting any light from directly above.

Better to know now than when you get them in the mail and open up your package to disappointment.

Happens to the best of us though.

I don't know how to fix a fatboy yet. I haven't had the need to take one apart.
Hahahaha. I was just joking
I don't actually mind. I was really really excited and thought I had just found something amazing. Two words: pipe dream
I sent that guy an email about repair and replating on these two fatboys. Let's see what happens.
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