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TV Soap

When a guy is shaving in a film (or drama) and someone knocks on the door, why do they always wipe their soap off their face with towel and dont even finish shaving. (they dont wash their faice with cold water or put aftershave/balm on) :smile:
They weren't really going to shave anyway- any spilled blood must be saved for the gratuitous scenes of violence.

You mean you don't do that?:eek: I am always answering the door with half of my face shaved and then going the rest of the day like that!:closedeye My beard also doesn't grow throughout the day.

Now if you believe that I have a bridge you need to buy! :lol::lol::lol::lol: :badger:
I vaguely remember reading as a child a story about Daniel Boone and how he went off half-shaved to track down the Indians who had kidnapped a child from his settlement in Kentucky.

Anyone else remember anything like this?

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