Tutorial: How to make SuperLather with a bowl

Discussion in 'Shave Clinic & Newbie Check-In' started by Luc, May 28, 2010.

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    It's a made up word. Don't bother trying to keep up with 'em because those people will have a new one next week. :001_rolle
  2. Something I did recently is working REALLY well.

    I had an almost-done tube of CO Bigelow. It had gotten a little hard, so I worked the last bit out of the tube and had an idea. I put it in the bottom of a mug and smoothed it down in the bottom, Then I took a puck of Williams and smushed it down on top of the Bigelow. The leftover Biglow filled in the edge around the Williams so that it was about the same depth as the soap. Now I have Bigelow/Williams superlather every time! I lather up a little bit in the mug then face lather. It's really great. Give it a try when you're down to the last few shaves of your Proraso or Bigelow tube.
  3. Thanks for doing it with cheaper products. It shows you don't have to spend a fortune to get good lather.
  4. Posted elsewhere, but this seems like a good place for reinforcement (and to get my post count up):

    Williams mug puck in bowl (I'm using a 1940 US Quartermaster's corp mug like my Dad once used), add some hot water (teaspoonful?), a small dollop - maybe 1 CM long - of Proraso mint/eucalyptus (the standard stuff in the green and white tube) and about 5 drops of glycerin and a little more hot water. I'm really really new to this - the last cream aftershave I used was from a can and it came out as a gel and turned white with application - so I'm probably under stirring/whipping it, but I'm really impressed with what I've got already.

    Having fun with it so far.
  5. I've been doing this since shave 3 without realizing I was "superlathering"

    I have a puck of Walgreen's VDH in an Old Spice mug and a tube of Casswell-Massey eucalyptus that I was schmucked into buying. I fill my bowl up with hot water and fill the Old Spice mug up with hot water and let the brush sit in the bowl water while I take a shower. Once out, I drain bowl, drain mug, load up the brush with the VDH and then go to town with a little squirt of the cream in the bowl. It never takes me more than 30-45 secs to get enough lather for a three pass shave using your standard issue Burma-shave boar brush. And I have very hard well water.
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    Well, if you add just a few drops of glycerin you will have Uberlather, which for me is the best!
  7. Great thread. Funnily enough that's what I already do daily. Proraso soap (or EJ Sandalwood) and CO Bigelow cream however I apply straight to the face. Super lather indeed!
  8. With tougher soaps, might it be better to get the cream in the brush first, then use that to pick up soap from the puck? The reason being that lather begets lather - once the process is started it accelerates rapidly. Starting with the easy product (cream) and using the proto lather to attack the soap might be quicker. Just something to try, anyway.
  9. Thank you for this tip ! In all my years of shaving would never have given a thought of this method ! But Im going to try it !
  10. amazing! im going to try this tomorrow :)
  11. I laughed out loud when I read there was an "Uberlather", but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I will be buying some glycerin to try this out. I've never even superlathered and I think the scent combinations could be quite strange.. I have some proraso cream and EJ buckthorn soap, which I will dub Pro-bucky when I marry them. I can see Mama Taylor in my future as well.

  12. A question on soaking the soap. Would you recommend filling a Proraso tub with water (only enough to cover) while showering? I'm new to this and want to be able to whip up a nice lather. So far I've only had so-so results with Williams soap, which I've been using for years in a mug with my cart blades.
  13. This is my next lather
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    Only to cover. You can soak it if you like and discard the water before you charge the brush.
  15. Hey Luc,

    Noticed the location change.

    Enjoying Canada, ay?
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    Other than the weather yes... It was a wonderful 31C when I left... -18C this morning... Anyways... Shaving-wise I'm discovering a goldmine!
  17. Super Tutorial! Thanks!
  18. Nice tip Luc - thank you sir! I just may whip up some shibby superlather for tomorrow's shave.

    As an aside - if "shibby" translates to what I understand it to mean, then Becker is not exactly what I consider to be a "shibby" sitcom. :laugh:
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    Thank you Luc. I will try this right now.
  20. :a26: The dude abides with a white russian. I will add shibby to my vocabulary.

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