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Turned in Just One Size

  • Shaving brush from Simpson
  • Faux ivory handle
  • Simpson Best Badger Hair

In 1919, Alexander Simpson began turning out shaving brushes on the East End of London. Despite wartime destruction and moves, the Simpson name continued. Today they are one of the foremost leaders in shaving brush creation. The company continues the tradition of making the finest shaving brush by hand using age old techniques. Try their Simpson Colonel X2L Best Badger Shaving Brush (X2L).

Simpson brushes come in a large variety of sizes and hair grades. You are sure to find one to love. The Colonel is a military brush, turned in just one size. The handle is a faux ivory, very classic with a comfortable feel. It is easy to keep your grip in wet environments. It is stamped with the iconic Simpson brand.

The Colonel X2L has a short loft that excels with soaps. The hand tied knot is filled with Simpson Best badger hair. Best badger is an excellent choice for those who love badger but not the price tag. You get all the benefits of badger - excellent water absorption, soft strands, etc. but without the premium price. These strands are middle of the line and are distinguishable by their creamy tips.

  • Color: Faux Ivory
  • Total Height: 100mm
  • Bristle Loft: 46mm
  • Knot Dia: 22mm
  • Hair: Simpson Best Badger
Dimensions are approximate.

Handmade in England
Size is probably the size of the knot. Many manufacturers offer the same handle with various size knots. With this one, 22mm is the only size available.

Turned refers to the handle being shaped on a lathe. A piece done on a lathe is often called a turning.
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