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FSOT Turn-N-Shave brush with 24mm tips knot and AP Shave Co 30mm Cashmere

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Turn-N-Shave resin/wood hybrid brush with V4 26mm FTip knot:

Up for sale/trade is a Turn-N-Shave brush with a 24mm tips knot. This knot has to be the softest knot I've ever felt, very "gelly". Size is 24mm which is more than enough for 3 passes. Loft height is 49mm.

Brush is lightly used and has been sterilized with an antibacterial soap and a zinc pyrithione shampoo.

Would consider trading for any of the following:
Stainless Steel Supply razor (in bold because this would be ideal)
A limited edition Simpson Chubby 2 synthetic (no ivory handles please as I already have one of those).
Charcoal Goods magnum or stinger handle in the bright brass finish.
Charcoal Goods stainless steel stinger or magnum handle.
Charcoal Goods Gen 2 Level 3 base plate in either copper or stainless steel.

Price: $80 (well below retail)

AP Shave Co 30mm cashmere on summer handle:

Non-shedder, in excellent condition, has only been used with light pressure, and has been cleaned/sterilized with an anti-bacterial soap and a zinc pyrithione shampoo.

This is the softest brush I've ever used. It's not floppy due to it's high density and larger knot.

Price: $23
No trades for this one please

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