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Tucson suggestions

Hey there everyone, does anyone have any suggestions for brick and mortars in Tucson to pick up aftershaves and soaps? I've visited 3 Sally's and could only find the big bottle of Clubman (which I bought since my small bottle is almost gone), I was hoping to find Pinauds Bay Rum. Also every single pharmacy, grocery store, and Target/Walmart only has VDH stuff.

Also I am thinking of getting a real haircut. For the last 12 years I have had my wife buzz all my hair off since I don't want to pay a "stylist" to do it. Now I want to try something new and I wonder if anyone has a barber they prefer. There are tons of "traditional looking" barbers in town but I really don't want to have to shop around. I have taken my son to Pair-a-Dice on the far east side and that seemed alright but at the time I was wearing shoulder length hair and a 2 year beard so I wasn't in the mindset of checking them out.

Anyway...suggestions are welcome and thanks for input.
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