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TTO razor problem

I have a mid 60's Schick Krona razor. I like it and it gives me a good shave with an exception. I have found that the doors open slightly when shaving. I thought it was a problem of my turning the knob with my pinky while shaving. Upon further inspection this is not the case. This morning I made sure the doors were closed very tightly. The doors opened up to expose a dangerous edge during my shave. I have other TTO razors (Superspeeds) and this is not a problem. I placed a shim under the blade and it seems to have solved the problem and made the razor a little more aggressive. I did a three pass shave and the doors stayed in place. I think this will work for me.

Anyone else experience this problem of doors opening while shaving with their TTO?
I would try soaking the razor in very warm and very soapy water plus some vinegar for several hours, while working and tighly closing the closing mechanism back and forth every 15 minutes or so.

I'm wondering if the interior of the closing mechanixm is "gunked up," and while it feels you have close it tightly, maybe it in not completely tight because of residue. If so, a cleaning as described might improve things.

Let us know if anything works.
Good thought, but I bought the razor NOS. I have only used it 10-15 times and it is clean as a whistle. The mechanism works smoothly and closes tightly. There is no play or unevenness when the silo doors are closed.
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