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Tsushima Black

Does anyone feel this is a great stone for mid work? If an edge starts to go bad, one could go to this stone and then a fine finisher? Just curious of anyone’s experience with this wonderful stone.
I have a 4 lb brick of which I haven't used for many years. It's a useful stone. However is isn't particularly fast or fine. I have nothing bad to say about it. But it never thrilled me. The suitas I have are generally faster. But you could use it for midrange easily. another issue is the color makes it hard to see the swarf. The color.of.the slurry is whiteish though.


I have used tsushima black nagura on a hard awasedo before, I find it a pleasant midrange stone. It does work fast enough and fine enough to move on from but isn't outstanding in either category. I like it a lot for knife work actually.
I have one that I can use in the low to mid-range. If I want a full J-Nat progression and the edge is not too bad I can start on the Tsushima w/slurry then on to Suita or Awasedo w/nagura progression.
I think they can very a bit in cutting power, mine certainly is not fast and as Buca stated my Suitas are faster.
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