Trying to insert a link without showing the whole thing

Discussion in 'Post Testing Area' started by ben27marie, Apr 11, 2007.

    flatus :lol:

    I think this is going to work :thumbup:
  1. Interesting subject but you don't explain how you did it in the forum. I type in an URL; highlight it and try to rename, but it doesn't work for me.

    Well, I'm off to try for some Flatus Enormas!!
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    Type the word that you want to represent the link. Then highlight that word. At the top of the post box, you will see a number of options, B, I, etc. Just below the Smiley face is the icon you are looking for. Run your mouse over the icon, and it will say "Insert Link". Click it, paste in your URL, click okay, and you are done!

  3. Right, type your word or phrase. For example, "insert link."

    Then highlight your word or phrase and click the icon that looks like a globe with a paperclip in front of it (see blurry, enlarged picture below.)

    Insert Link

    You may have to click the bar at the top of the screen to allow scripting and then click the icon again.

    Copy and paste the URL into the box that comes up.
  4. I always forget how to do this.

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