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Trying to find this scent

Hi all,

I’ve been using this soap on and off for quite a while. It is the cheapest soap at my local supermarket at $2.50 and comes packed in a toothpaste tube. Normally I buy it when I run through a puck of soap and am waiting on a delivery. The tube only lasts for a dozen shaves at best and is generally just a wasteful way to shave so I try and avoid it. Thing is, this is the nicest smelling soap I have ever used - like most cheaper soaps it has a predominately ‘soapy’ smell with the singular strong note of violets (referenced with an admittedly knackered Le Nez du Vin bottle) and nothing else. I love the simplicity of the smell and the soap does actually perform quite well with some water worked into it, the problem is the constant waste of plastic tubes. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a violet-scented soap puck? I’m a straight razor shaver so I prefer a slicker soap and I tend to go more for cheaper mass produced soaps if that helps.




Trumpers makes a violet soap but it is not too good.
There is a fair bit of violet or violet leaf in VDH Deluxe.
Mystic Water makes a scent called Viola di Bosco that is violet. This is a great soap for straight razors.
Wickhams Parma Violet is a fantastic Violet soap plus it is a firmer consistancy. Have a small sample and love this soapy scent. Another option if you can find it is B&M Tuesday but smells more like Dish Soap which commonly use Violet in the scent. Lots of other options as well, perhaps Ginger's Garden or Van Yulay are sure to have Several Violet options since both artisans have a crazy amount of scent choices.
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