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Trying to find a British blade.

I was cruising around the net the other day and came across a website selling what looked like some pretty nice straight razors. And for the life of me today I can't think of it nor can I find it. Because of the name it stuck in my head as British but I suppose it could also be German. The prices were in Euros. And it was a B & B name. Brookes and Bentley sticks in my head, but that is not returning any google searches. Does anyone know what I am talking about?
Doesn't sound right. And I just did a Google search for Brookes % Crookes and came up with an old company and some restored razors. This one I saw the other day was a current company making new razors.
Brookes & Crookes is an old Sheffield blade that you will see frequently in SOTD straight razor photos.
Edward Brice is a British straight razor maker I believe.
I saw the Edward Brice razors. They look very nice but they don't appear to be in production at the moment. The site says he's not taking new custom orders and only stuff on his site is available. And everything on his site is sold out.

I have searched the better part of the day trying to find this site again. And it's making me a little cranky. Hahaha. They looked like really well-built razors. The price was listed in Euros but was at about the $160 to $190 USD range. They were in stock and ready to ship. I thought maybe I was thinking about Wade and Butcher. But they don't seem to be in production either and their site is being rebuilt. So that's not it. It was two pretty simple and common names. My browser history has been cleared so I can't just go back through my browser history. Grrrrr....
I think I found it again. It's a Brent Berkeley. I also found some discussion on here about them. I think I'll pass.
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