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trying out the de blades in my sampler pack

hey people so i thought instead of creating a thread dedicated to a specific brand de blade everytime i try one out, i thought it would make more sense just to create a main thread with all my posts sharing my experiences, thoughts and opinions on the de blades i've just tried out

just to give you an idea some blades i've already tried the top off my head are the following, feather, gillette nacets, wilkinson swords, astra sp's, derby premium and a few more prior to getting this sample pack...

now just want to start by saying even though i've had the sampler pack for a while i just kept finding myself going back to using the gillette nacets even though i had over a hundred and thirty blades to try out lol,
suppose it just goes to show how highly i rate the gillette nacets

anyways so the first blade i tried is the voskhod, honestly im so disappointed in this blade,
i heard many good things on youtube and forums about these blades in particular so was kinda gutted when i found them to about average and nothing special whatsoever but saying that i've read mixed reports and some blades being inconsistent so God knows what to think lol

second blade is the BIC Chrome Platinum, very impressed with this blade, sharp and smooth, i rate it up there with my favourite blade gillette nacets and im having difficulty picking a winner between the two tbh

i did try out the voskhod in the gillette slim adjustable and the bic in the henson medium razors,
but to make it fair from now on i'll test every blade in the henson medium de razor,
well number one because i love the razor but also because it has the angle built in so i suppose it will make testing the blades especially against the grain easier as im a head shaver

so i'll also be using arko shaving sticks too as i love this stuff and yes for the record i dont find anything unpleasant about the smell lol!

shaving brush will be my pearl synthetic 30mm knot

so yea next shave will be with the voskhod in the henson razor then from there onwards i'll try out another brand de blade :)

sampler pack pic.jpg


I'm a Lumberjack.
Great pic! Looks like artwork and makes me think of album covers for some reason.
I’ll tune in and watch this thread. I like nacet too. Haven’t tried bic yet. I’ll look forward to your future posts.
Great pic! Looks like artwork and makes me think of album covers for some reason.
I’ll tune in and watch this thread. I like nacet too. Haven’t tried bic yet. I’ll look forward to your future posts.
Yea I need to use it as my avatar lol

Yea I remember trying to lay them out for a decent picture lol
The main thing is to enjoy the journey!! :clap: :clap:

And recognize that you may want to revisit your options as you change hardware, etc!!
Yea defo, no point if you don't enjoy the journey @BigJ

Btw @BigJ boss how many razors you got?
Everytime I seen you post on the forum I've just always had a thought that you got a big stash in your den lol
If I can find it I'll try to take pics of the de razor blade before and after the shave with my digital microscope 👍💯🔥🪒
So just had my third shave yesterday (past 12AM now), used the fatip open comb slant, been waiting to try out this slant de razor as I've never used a slant de razor before and also used the same BIC chrome platinum de blade this was it's third shave now

BIC chrome platinum worked well,
and slant de razor was easy to use, efficient and honestly didn't feel like I'd cut myself easily tbh, felt very comfortable and oh yea used boots shaving stick

I'm planning to use the Arko again next time and also the Henson de razor as I enjoy it but I've still got other razors I've got waiting to try out
I'm actually thinking about using a shavette to shave my head, would me using a shavette still give me a good feel for a blade? As it's the same blade exposure just techniques different when using a shavette
so today i gave the treet black beauty ago, honestly after the first stroke i thought maybe im onto something but the more i used it the more i realised its not sharp enough and the smoothness is a bit meh to be honest, i'd rate it as an average blade at best as it caused me some irritation tbh but that was only whilst shaving, feels okay now, would i personally get a 100 of these blades? honest answer is no

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